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A chocolaty trip through Europe

September 23, 2015

Whether liquid, solid, dark or light, with nuts or biscuits: There are hundreds of different types of chocolate and we can not get enough. We eat them in winter and summer, for coffee or just for the fun. Chocolate just sweetens our life.
Real chocolate fans get mouth watering when they just think about the sweets and they want to test all varieties and search for the new creations. When you’re also a sweet tooth and simply cannot get enough of chocolate, then you should insert on your next trip a few chocolatey stopovers.
Some chocolatiers and patisseries offers various  tastings across Europe where you will find tastings and courses that make chocolate pleasure even sweeter. Here you find to the roots of the cocoa bean  and send your taste buds on a unique journey.

chocolate brussels
Choco-Story in Brussels
Leading the charge is – how could it be otherwise – Belgium. The Belgian chocolate is known throughout the world and hardly anyone visited the country without at least have tried a piece of candy.
The chocolate museum “Choco-Story” in Brussels is showing pictures and films of the production of chocolate and you get an accurate insight into how each individual cocoa bean comes up and see the way until you can enjoy them. But the best is yet to come: Directly in front of your eyes the finest chocolates are made and you can taste them.

Pralines and chocolate in Berlin
But not only Belgium can convince with chocolate. In Germany varied candy is popular, too. In Germany’s capital Berlin Sabine Dubenkropp sends you in their Confiserie Melanie on a chocolate tour of a special kind. You try chocolate from around the world and discover completely new flavors and variations.
That not enough for you? You would like to produce your own chocolate at home and eat as much as you like? Then simply visit the course of chocolates Confiserie Melanie and learn how you can make your own chocolates and filling.

The Schokov in Vienna
Equally delicious it goes on in the next country: Austria! In the beautiful capital Vienna many cafes and patisseries lure with great temptations. Biscuits, pralines and chocolate. Whether Männer or Zotter: the Austrians know as well as the Germans and Belgians, what makes good chocolate. In “Schokov” ther are special creations waiting to be tasted by you. How would it be with a lavender sea salt chocolate? An explosion of flavors guaranteed. For over an hour, you can try the full range and fully give your chocolate pleasure! Sin is more than welcome here.

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