A Weekend in London’s Trendiest District: Shoreditch

February 10, 2020

Despite the Brexit pandemonium, London was ranked one of the top cities in the world to visit in 2020 and it’s not hard to see why: rich heritage, traditional monarchs, cool city vibe, hipster markets, experimental food… London has it all. One of our favourite districts, though, is Shoreditch. Known for being the trendy art and music hub for every generation, it has a plethora of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

What to do:

A weekend in Shoreditch should most definitely be filled with sightseeing by day, however, when the sun sets, we would recommend that you eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

Brick Lane is an absolute must for anyone interested in art and quirky things. Here you’ll find expansive works of street art, vintage shops, gateways to new cultures, alternative fashion, and tonnes of independent coffee shops and bars. To extend the trip, make your way over to Camden market and visit the underground markets filled with everything from lost antiques, hand painted Converse trainers, and Japanese pop culture. Stand with the giant futuristic robots at the gates to another dimension or be careful not to get stepped on by a giant Doc Marten boot… it’s another world in Camden. 

Shoreditch is also within easy reach of all the traditional sights that you cannot miss on a trip to London: Big Ben (although be aware that it’s smaller than you may expect), the London Eye (include this in your budget!), Hyde Park, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace (if the flag is up, the Queen is home with her corgis). Also be sure to visit the museum district and say hello to the T-Rex at the Natural History Museum, become a mad scientist at the Science Museum, transport back in time at the Shakespeare Globe, and become a modern art connoisseur at the Tate Modern. 


Beigals: The Jewish beigel was invented 100’s of years ago by Polish Jews. When they left Poland, they brought their recipe to East London. One of the oldest beigel shops is Beigel Bake on Brick Lane (it’s 24 hours so swap the traditional late night kebab for a beigel).  Opt for the traditional salted beef or try a modern rainbow one!

Indian Curry: You may have heard that the ‘Indian takeout’ was invented in Birmingham but there’s no better place to find a chicken tikka than on Brick Lane. With the growing Indian population in Shoreditch, the Indian restaurants are also growing and becoming better and better to compete with each other.  


Leman Locke: an incredibly accommodating trendy aparthotel. They have everything you may need for a night out in London: streaming services on the TV, phone mirroring so you can play your music through the sound system, classy wine glasses in the swanky kitchens, and all of the staff are incredibly accommodating and friendly.

Ace Hotel: art lovers will love the rotating gallery found in the lobby (right next to the cocktail bar!) and the music theme throughout the hotel. The design is influenced by music ranging from 70s punk to the naughty 00’s. Each room has a special touch, for example a turntable with vinyls, acoustic guitar, and Revo radios.

Boundary London: modern hotel centred around art and design, each room centred around an original piece by a local designer. 

citizenM London: influenced by Shoreditch and Hackney’s wonderful street art, this hotel is as colourful as the surrounding areas and comes with all modern amenities, such as Netflix, in the rooms.

The Hoxton: a more relaxed but still trendy hotel. This accommodation provides a breakfast bag so you can take your morning sustenance with you on your adventures across England’s capital.


Barrio Shoreditch: this place is unbelievable. It’s like stepping out of London and straight into the colourful streets of Brazil. It’s also the perfect mix between a bar and a club, if you just can’t decide. There are booths made from colourful planks, uptown booths with red plush seats, 2 dancefloors (one with a stage and bright coloured doors decorating the wall), plants hanging from the ceiling… the vibe is just amazing and it’s reasonably priced for London! Be aware that this bar is over 21s only! 

Old Street Records: this bar is themed around London’s underground music scene, with effigies to Bowie and The Clash on the walls. They host live gigs with local bands on a regular basis and serve pizza to accompany the cocktails. You can even pop in for a coffee during the day. 

Now all that’s left is to do is repeat! Oh and, of course, you can’t forget to post all of those arty pics on Instagram (like this one of Sophie from our team making the most of the arty backgrounds). Just make sure to send us your favourite spots and let us know how your Shoreditch trip went! 

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