Carnival in Morocco – The Gnaoua Festival 2017

June 21, 2017

Morocco is en vogue again. And we surely understand why! African influences, endless beautiful landscapes and the sea with its many sport activities… The country is full of surprises for its visitors.

And this year, experience the cultural diversity of the country at the Gnaoua Festival! From the 29th of June until the 2nd of July from 10 am to 10 pm, temperatures will be rising in the port city of Essaouira – and not only because of the great weather!




From early in the morning until late at night you will find art and selling stands all over the the streets. Going from markets to theatre representations and music of all kinds, the festival has something to offer for everyone!

The Gnaoua Festival is anything but a typical music festival. Oh yes! Here you have the chance to enjoy nice chats with the musicians after their concerts, while tasting a delicious Moroccan tea.

This seaside festival attracts around 500 000 visitors each year. And regarding the performers just this year like Carlinos Brwon and Hindi Zahra, Ganoua already hosted some worldwide known artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix. If in 1998, during the beginnings of the festival, you could only hear classic Moroccan music, this has certainly changed over time! Now, you can enjoy Hip-Hop beats, some blues, jazz music and really nice reggae vibes.


Experience the exceptional “Lila”, a traditional artistic performance made of incense and typical dances. It will make you feel as if you were witnessing an ancient ritual!

The price of a ticket is only 24€ and children under the age of 10 can enter for free. But the tickets are very limited.

During these four days of festivities, the charming port city of Essaouira looks like a sea of materials of all colours and shapes. It’s as if magic was in the air. It’s simply breathtaking. Street markets and music performances are everywhere around you. This is just the place to be at these times in Morocco!

This unbelievable experience just blew our minds. This festival is extraordinary and you deserve to spend your nights at a hotel that will match this experience just perfectly. That’s why we have some fabulous hotels we personally chose for you. The hotel Dar L’Oussia offers a fantastic view over the harbor and the beach. And to find some relaxation after partying all day and night, try the hotel’s Hammam! Else wise, you can try the charming Dar Liouba with a fantastic quality for price ratio. To add a very personal touch to your journey, you should meet Jack and stay in one of his amazing apartments . If you want to feel the romance, try the charming Casa Lila with its typical Moroccan style and marvelous spa.


But if you have no time this year, mark it for the next time in your timetable, cause it is every year. Keep that in mind.

More information about the festival and tickets on:

Gnaoua  Festival

Some comments of the Festival:

« music for the soul in a happy place » 

« A rare mix of musical traditions brought togehter in a unique setting »

« Excellent and unique »