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Costa de la Luz – The coast of light in Andalusia

March 19, 2017

Costa de la Luz literally means “the coast of light” and not only refers to the sun that always shines there, but also to its golden sand beaches, which reflect the light of the sun and therefore gave the coast its name. Located in Andalusia, the Costa de la Luz spreads along the Atlantic coast, between the Spanish-Portuguese border and the city of Tarifa. The myriad of fine and natural sand beaches give this region its particular charm. The golden sand, the dunes, the wild Atlantic and the surrounding pine forests together form a beautiful landscape and offer its visitors many opportunities to enjoy a simple day at the beach. Here are some of our suggestions of the most beautiful beaches of this coast. No matter if being an audacious adventurer or a relaxing tourist, you will, without a doubt, be astonished by the beauty of these little pieces of wilderness.

With its 3km length, the beach of Zahora in Barbate is a real gem for nature lovers. Its big waves and surrounding pine and juniper trees gather the perfect conditions to practice many water sports or to enjoy a naturist day at the beach. Chiringuitos and Cafes providing little snacks, and public toilets are also everywhere to be found. Plus, truly easy to access, the beach is reachable by foot, bus or car.
Where to stay: Arohaz Hotel & Gastrobar


The Playa Bolonia is famous for its endless sand dunes and its 4km length. Its bay, hidden by the huge sand beaches, makes it the ideal place to go for a swim in the ocean. The rest of the beach is wilder and makes it the perfect playground for surfers and other water sport lovers to go have some fun. But most of all, what makes the particularity of this beach, are without any doubt the cows that freely walk around the area. Even they seem to love a fresh bath in the Atlantic!
Where to stay: Hostal la Hormiga Voladora

Playa Bolonia

Surrounded by cliffs, the Playa del Parador plants an impressive wild setting in the middle of a natural park. Situated off the beaten tracks, the beach remains barely visited by tourists but still provides every kind of service that could be needed, including a beach library.

Playa del parador

The Playa de los Enebrales in Huelva is perfect to spend a relaxing day in the sun. Not overcrowded, this beach differs from usual tourist sea spots and allows you to chill out and enjoy the beautiful landscape quietly.

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The Playa de Isla Canela is a well-known and beloved surfing spot and offers a lot of different activities for families, the most famous being the summer cinema occurring directly on the beach.

Playa Isla Canela

A lot of other natural, beautiful beaches are to be found in the surroundings of Cádiz. Take your chance and walk around the city to discover them.

After a long day at the beach, you will always appreciate some snacks and refreshments to relax and recuperate. Discover the two local suggestions we have selected for you! The first one is the Andalusian pescaito frito, which means “fried fish”, and which is one of the traditional specialities in the south of Spain. This can either be a small fish, anchovies, shrimps or squids, which will be tasted with beer or wine as an appetizer, or enjoyed as a main course. Here a quick and easy recipe to try to make some of your own:
Mix the fish (250-300grams per person) with other desired ingredients, spices and salt. Then, roll the fish in flour and fry it with olive oil in a deep pan. Once fried, the fish can usually be served with some lemon or, at the cook’s option, with a marinade.
Naturally, the easiest option remains to go and enjoy the meal in one of the various traditional restaurants of the Costa de la Luz. Only talking about it… makes us hungry!

Capítulo undécimo: Los Cristianos, Bar Nuestro, Calle San Roque, 18/03/16


Another delight of the region is the carne retinto, which is the meat of a particular race of cow on the Iberian Peninsula. The retinto-race, which takes its name from the deep red colour of its flesh, live in a natural and free environment, according to an ecological and careful production system. The quality of the meat is guaranteed by the Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Ganado Vacuno Selecto Raza Retinta and is classified according to age, sex and body parts. This high-quality meat is really juicy, delicious and has an intense pink colour, which makes it in all variants incredibly tasty.

La Palmosilla NC

This meat is mainly grilled but can also be cooked as part of many delicious dishes. Who in the world doesn’t get hungry when he hears about Kebabs, ropa vieja – a stew made of chickpeas and meat -, peppers filled with meat, veal stew in basilica, or filled roast meat? All of these are amazing meals that can be cooked with the carne retinto or tasted in any restaurant of the Costa de la Luz.

carne retinto3


Do you already feel like travelling to the sunniest and shiniest coast of Spain? Then check out our hotel suggestions in the region of Cádiz und Huelva and look for the next flight available to book! The Costa de la Luz, its beautiful beaches and its tasty specialities are waiting for you!