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Italy ´s best kept secret: the Cilento-Maratea coast.

April 10, 2017

Everybody knows about the dreamy Amalfi Coast in Italy, which is indeed beautiful, but always crowded… Yet, another coastal heaven, not so far away and at least as picturesque, if not even more, seems to be kept-secret. Today, we want to share that special secret destination with you. Let´s show you the heavenly Cilento-Maratea coastline, lying between the regions of Cilento and Basilicata, Italy!

Start your journey in the North and discover the Cilento Coast…

caletta cilento coast
The Cilento Coast is one of the most unspoiled parts of the Campania region, extends from the bottom of the Gulf of Salerno to the border of Basilicata and is only two hours south of the lively city of Naples. Yet, this part of Italy is still hugely off the tourist radar. Because it is only being rarely mentioned in usual travel guides, travellers usually head to the famous Amalfi coast. What a mistake… We will not let you do the same! Let´s discover the wonderful Cilento Coast.
This hidden magical destination distinguishes itself from the Amalfi Coast thanks to its wildness and authenticity. The Cilento Coast seems to be the place where Italian adventurers have been hiding, or rather, flocking each summer. But in true Italian fashion, even the adventurers can appreciate the finer things in life.

Beautiful coastal landscapes…

coast landscape
Covering more than 100km of coastline, the Cilento offers a rich variety of beautiful natural spots for you to spend the days at during your trip. Gentle hills, spectacular cliffs, wide and gently sloping sandy beaches as well as small hidden shingle bays characterize the landscape. Add to that the fantastic panoramas views when heading to the sea, and you will start to understand all of the charm of Cilento! (Check out the road from Camerota to Marina di Camerota and the coastal road near Maratea.)

Crystal blue water and wide fine sand beaches…
With its clear blue water, the Cilento coast offers one of the best water qualities in Italy. Each year, many municipalities there are allowed to fly with the coveted “bandiera blu”, the “Blue flag”, a world-renowned eco-label for the coastal environment, water quality, safety and access for all. But apart from being beautiful, the beaches are also the perfect playground for families.

Other seaside spots such as Accialori, Marina di Ascea in Palinuro, Marina di Camerota as well as Villammare are also to be discovered on the Cilento Coast. They are all worth the detour, trust us!

Many cultural activites…

Our very favourite spot: Paestum

Discover for example Paestum, a place soaked by history and ancient culture. There, you can admire three extremely well preserved Greek temples, which have made the place famous.
But cultural highlights are not Paestum´s only treasure. Fine, wide and gently sloping beaches are to be found there – the coast stretches for kilometres on end. It is one of the longest on the Cilento coast, which makes it particularly ideal for families with small children, but it is also great to take walks along the beach in the evenings.
And of course, take the time to taste the famous “mozzarella di bufala”. Produced in the region, this Italian cheese will delight your stomach!


And fantastic bathing bays…

bathing bay scaria
Another particularity of the Cilento Coast are its amazing bays. Get seduced by Scario and its beautiful hidden bathing spots accessible only by boat. Here, you will discover fantastically clear turquoise water surrounded by wild nature. Just… enjoy!
But the paradise for bathing bays remains of course the beautiful Maratea Coast. Go a bit further to the south and keep on exploring the unspoiled Italian seaside.

Places to stay:  Borgo la Piertraia Country House –  Il Cannito 

Visit the Maratea Coast, last bathing paradise of Italy.

maratea acquafredda

Head to Acqua Fredda, in the far north coast of Maratea.
When travelling to southern Italy, on the north coast of Maratea, you will find the beautiful unspoiled territory of Acqua Fredda. Located between the regions of Cilento and Basilicata, this little paradise was, until now, kept secret by the Italians.
A stunning coastline, steep drop-offs, caves, coves, beaches and crystal blue water… Acqua Fredda has everything to seduce you. If you dream of a relaxing getaway in the sun of Italy, this place is for sure made for you. Discover this beautiful natural area and its magical and particular beaches and caves (some of them being only accessible by sea).

Cala di Mezzanotte Beach (Midnight Cove)

Cala di Mezzanotte
In the north, shared in half with the town of Sapri in Campania, you will find the wild beach of Cala di Mezzanotte, in the eponymous Channel which is the border between Basilicata and Campania. Nature lovers, be ready! This beautiful bay, only reachable by boat, will blow your mind. Discover this hidden natural jewel and walk around its four surrounding caves. You will always appreciate a day at Cala di Mezzanotte: far away from the crowd, only surrounded by beautiful landscapes… It´s time for you to escape!


Grotta della Scala Beach

Grotta della Scala Beach
Also only accessible by sea, the beach of Grotta della Scala is a real rough diamond.

Anginarra Beach

The Anginarra beach in Acquafredda is one of the largest beaches on the coast of Maratea.
More of two hundred metres of sandy shore are wedged into one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline. It is flanked to the south by a ridge of rock and to the north by a large cliff where it opens his homonymous cave and above which remains of Pleistocene fauna were found. Its name is Greek and means “full of sea urchins.”

Porticello and Marizza beaches

As for the beaches in the south, you will find those of Porticello, falling stones and Marizza front of which flows a large fresh water bubble. Marizaa beach is the natural outlet of the Monaca Canal and is the last beach of Acquafredda.

Further particularly lovely beaches and idyllic bathing bays can be found near Marina di Maratea. Castrocucco with its kilometres of sandy and rock beach mark the southern end of this unique cliff line. The black lava beaches and the sea with its turquoise shimmer make all of the very special charm of the region.

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