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Feel like hiking? The best hikes in Baajorca!

September 23, 2015

On the one hand there is the nightlife district with the Ballermann. And on the other hand there is the beautiful side of Majorca. And this impresses with crystal clear water, hidden coves and especially lots of hidden hiking-routes. Swap flip-flops against hiking-shoes and strap your backpack on, magnificent views and loads of wild goats are waiting for you.

The hidden hiking wonderland La-Victòria in Alcúdia
Many tourists who jostle over hill and dale? Bustle and stress? All this is not on offer here. However, it can happen that a goat gets your constant companion on these routes. Kilometre-long and marked hiking trails meander through this area. As an ideal starting point we would suggest the old hermitage. Everyone, who reaches the summit of Talaia d’Alcudia after about 4 hours, can explore there a ruin, a quaint mountain hut and a viewing platform. A special highlight of this trail is the picturesque bay of Pollensa, with its turquoise waters and the white sand beach. Here, you should pause; at least we would straighten our feet into the cold water and let our minds wander.


Through the Bóquertal to Cala Vall de Bóquer with special music
Open air concerts during the trail does not exist? Oh yes, they do: This trail is a little paradise for birders. Birdwatchers sit here for hours with binoculars and enjoy their hobby; yes and the hikers are enjoying the view on the wide sandy beaches and various songbirds serenade. Thanks to sheep and goats there is not much shadow in this area because trees and bushes seem to be very delicious delicacies. During the about 3 hours long trail you can find not only goats and birds but also eagles, vultures, date palms and rosemary fields.

The Monastery Puig de Randa offers variety
If you are not a big fan of all these animals, we would recommend you this path. It leads to the monastery of Sant Honorat. Almond-planten and fruit trees line the streets; lavender, hollyhocks and cistus bloom and small gardens along the way invite you to linger. And that’s a good thing, because such a great view is not offered to you every day. If you still can rouse yourself and want to climb to the summit, you manage this in about 3 ½ hours.

A hiking-tour can be quite hard. Therefore, the right accommodation is very essential.
Here you find our finest selection of hotels in Majorca. What is here particularly useful: If your muscles ache from walking, many of the hotels offer a pool, where you can cool them. As long as your lunch-box is not eaten up by a stubborn walking partner, you can have a great time in the nature here. And that there are also German party tourists in Majorca, you will definitely forget because of so much natural beauty and tranquillity.