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No boring breakfast anymore – Taste the difference at the Breakfast Market in Berlin

September 23, 2015

The german breakfast let many visitors but also locals make a big and loud groan. “Oh great, dry bread with a bit of cheese and ham.” The Germans are not really known for their unique and varied breakfast. The germans just love their bread and why change good things? Anyone hoping for a taste explosion and interesting spices, will be disappointed here. Maybe you can spice up your daily breakfast with some fruits and yoghurt? That‘s not really a big change, right?

Breakfast Market 2This is exactly why Berlin designed the “Breakfast Market.” Germany just needs something new on the table. Look outside the box! Don’t let bad coffee and dry bread destroy your morning. Let your gustative nervs go on a rollercoaster ride. Every third Monday of the month “Halle Neun” opens its doors for all hungry mouths that are tired of starting every day with the same breakfast. At the breakfast market you will experience new tastings all around the world. Wether you prefer the traditional english breakfast or maybe you try a whole new breakfast with the korean version.

Simply make a stop at Mr. Susan and send your tongue on a complete new adventure. There you can try the Korean “Congee” with a small touch of Berlin. The warm rice porridge – which is enjoyed in Asia almost every morning – is actually eaten with bean sprouts, fish or meat. But Mr. Susan has made its own creation. On the top of the rice you will find mushrooms, sprouds, homemade corned beef and kimchi.

Ei auf Toast Breakfast MarketThis unique market attracs more and more people all over the world to come to Berlin and gain new experiences and desire new culinary delights. You escape from your usual life for a couple of hours and dive into a new world of taste.

But that’s not all: the Breakfast Market has still some other fascinations. So you don’t fall into your old routine after that Sunday, you can buy new stuff to start your new creative breakfast at home. Wether handmade coffee mugs, cookbook with creative recipes or unique jam and other toppings. So you’ll certainly never spend a dull morning and even want to get up on a Monday morning: happy for such a treat.

For further information visit the official homepage of the “Halle Neun Breakfast Market.”

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