Portuguese villas worth visiting in 2019

February 5, 2019

At Secretplaces we are always seeking to add new, exciting and stylish accommodation options. Last year we were able to begin working with some very exciting new partners all over Portugal. In this blog post we present you the best portuguese villas worth visting in 2019.

Portugal as a destination has taken off over the last few years and with no signs of this slowing down just yet, why not be inspired by these new additions to our website. These properties stretch from the southern Algarve region all the way up to Northern Portugal as well as an option for those heading to the Azores.

  1. Casa Fuzetta

Where: Olhão, Algarve

setting: Coast

Why we love it: This exquisite historic townhouse offers the quintessential Portuguese living experience — whitewashed walls, spacious airy rooms, outdoor patios and a house that will encourage you to spend your time outside. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Algarve is the perfect holiday destination and why not stay in style whilst spending time in this southern region of Portugal. Casa Fuzetta is a fantastic option if you are seeking to visit the Algarve with a larger group.

 2. Casa LUUM

Where: Agostos, Algarve

Setting: Rural

Why we love it: The perfect combination of modern, minimalist design set in the countryside. The large windows, rooftop terraces, multiple patios and a large courtyard ensure that you can’t help but take in the stunning surrounding beauty. Sustainable practices and principles were adopted throughout the entire design and construction of this property, from the use of solar panels to the use of native plants introduced around the gardens.

This is the dream rental opportunity for the design-conscious traveller.

3. Casa Agostos

Where: Agostos, Algarve

Setting: Countryside

Why we love it: Casa Agostos is the sister property of Casa LUUM , with the local architecture firm Pedro Domingos behind both stunning properties. Whitewashed walls, clean lines and minimal design, this property is another ideal choice for those who appreciate modern architecture and design. Guests staying here will be captivated by the unique architecture as well as the stunning surrounding natural beauty.

4. Quinta do Fortunato

Where: Viana do Castelo

Setting: Rural

Why we love it: Still relatively unknown to many travelers who visit Portugal, Viana do Castelo is a stunning village in Northern Portugal. Quinta do Fortunato offers two houses which provide an unforgettable stay in a rural tourism project that perfectly combines beautiful design with Portuguese craftsmanship. Quinta do Fortunato achieves the perfect balance between rustic and modern touches.

5. Villa Sal

Where: São Miguel, Azores

Setting: Seaside

Why we love it: The Azores are definitely a trending destination for 2019. Villa Sal is a dreamy cliffside villa situated on the island of São Miguel. When designing the Villa, the integration of nature was indeed an ultimate goal; room windows facing the ocean, living plants, stone and wooden elements are dominating both in the rooms and dining areas.

Fall asleep to the soundtrack of the Atlantic Ocean – this property provides complete tranquility.

6. Casa da Lila

Where: Silves, Algarve

Setting: Historical town

Why we love it: Silves is the perfect base in the Algarve, situated within close proximity to the beaches as well as other towns and cities in the Algarve such as Portimão and Lagos. From the rooftop terrace, Monchique and Foia (the highest point of the Algarve) can be seen on sunny days. Portuguese tiles and vintage furniture from top designers offer special touches throughout the property.

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