Secret spots in Madrid part II

March 10, 2017

We continue our guide for you. The secretplaces team made it its task to find the most amazing and enchanting places in the Spanish capital for you, always on the search to present you some exquisite places in Madrid. We taste the best dishes and drinks in luxurious surroundings. It is very hard work, but someone has to do it. So, if you have been excited to find more such places after our first article, you should continue reading.

Hidden in the street Guzmán el Bueno in the quarter of Chamberí, we found a very special place: the Salón des Fleurs. It is a unique mixture of cafe, shop and … florist. As a consequence of more than 20 years of experience of the owners in this area, the whole interior is dedicated to flowers: starting from books about flowers to dishes with flower patterns. Here, you can buy everything that the you could dream of: flower bouquets – also for sending – all kinds of plants as well as infusions and home-made pastries. And all that seems to be directly imported from Paris: low tables, quilts, vintage furniture and big French windows. Something you should definitely not miss.

Salón des fleurs

You will find another one of a kind meeting point of the city in the calle Imperial at the Plaza Mayor. On the rooftop of the guesthouse Hat, is a discreet but cosy terrace. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, is the place, where the noble youth of Madrid comes together. It is an ideal place to have a drink in a creative and modern, though not showy, ambience. But do expect waiting times at the entrance as the amount of guests is limited.

Guesthouse hat2

If you want to get to know the more sensitive and aristocratic history of Madrid, you should visit the Museo del Romanticismo in calle San Mateo between the metro stations Tribunal and Alonso Martínez. There, you will find a large collection of every day objects from the 19th century and learn about the past of Madrid’s high society. But actually, we want to reveal a secret about that place: in its wonderful courtyard the museum hides the Café del Jardín, a true retreat in the middle of the city. The cafe is a pleasant place, protected from the noise and the crowds in the capitals streets, perfect to enjoy their breakfast, delicious drinks and some small dishes. Of course, the decoration is romantic and we recommend to end your visit of the museum in this cafe.

Cafe del jardin museo del romanticismo4

You love good coffee, but cannot find one that fulfils your expectations? No worries, the coffees in the Pum Pum Café will surprise and convince you. This place in the calle Tribulete in the quarter of Malasaña, the probably most multicultural quarter of the city, is specialized on breakfasts, snacks and brunch. Don´t be fooled by the plane facade: inside, the brick and wooden walls create a cosy atmosphere. As this restaurant is dedicated to the “slow cooking” movement, you will get lots of organic and vegetarian dishes. Let your senses be tempted by the fresh ground cappuccinos, delicious pastries or their incredible “benedictinian” eggs.


We end this article with the restaurant Doña Tecla near the Paseo de la Castellana and only a few metres away from the Santiago Bernebeu Stadium. It is a colourful and friendly place, offering a menu full with fresh products and high quality. The terrace is an ideal place with an intimate atmosphere to eat something or to have a drink with your partner or friends. In winter, they even put up a tent, for continued possibility to enjoy and relax on the terrace.

Dona Tecla


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